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Bharatiya Mandir started as a dream in 1991 and finished as a reality in June 1993. When the houses were purchased, there were no funds on hand but with the moral and financial support of the devotees, and assistance from the National Bank of New Zealand, the committee was able to complete purchase of the properties at 252 and 254 Balmoral Road.

The Bharatiya Mandir is built at a site purified with blessing of vedic mantras recited by Saints and Acharyas. This epitome of love and worship will continue to inspire, improve, preserve and promote the Hindu way of life amongst the future generations of Hindus on this land.

A time capsule was established and placed on 20th September 1991(Shila Ropan Day) in the Bharatiya Mandir foundation along with the following letter with the wishes of completing the Construction of this Bharatiya Mandir within a short period.